Prevent And Treat Sand Flea Bites | Some Tips You Should Know

If you have visited a beach, then, you must have brought sand fleas with you to your home. You must have enjoyed the sound of the ocean waves, the view of the sunset, or the breeze. But you might have any idea that on this day full of enjoyment one has already made up their mind to invade your home with your help. On the beach, it is very common to find sand fleas and many people take them home. They don’t even get to know that they are encountered by sand fleas.

For helping you to remove them, here we are sharing with you some of the tips to do fleas control. But, before you do follow the tips of fleas control, you need to know about sand fleas first.

Sand Flea
flea control

What are sand fleas?

Sand fleas are not like common fleas, you cannot categorise them as insects as well. Instead, their identification can be as crustaceans. The sand fleas generally live in coastal areas in the sand. The normal common fleas love to live in the fur of animals whereas sand fleas love to live in the sand.

Sand fleas always get mistaken when it’s about identification. Whereas other biting insects can infest your home by various means. Doing the best pest control requires professional pest control services. So, for proper fleas control, you need to identify the biting insect first who has infested your home.

How to avoid or treat sand flea bites?

If you want to go to a beach to enjoy your vacation, but be careful about sand fleas, what if they encounter you? Don’t worry, there are some fleas control tips that can help you to avoid encountering sand fleas or their bites. The first thing to avoid the sand fleas bites is to go at the right time to the beach and now, the question arises what is the best or right time to go to the beach? Well, if you choose morning or evening time to go to the beach, then, definitely you will be the victim of sand flea bites, for avoiding the best will be daytime because to excessive sunlight fleas remain inactive or hide in the sand to avoid the sunlight. Going to the beach during the daytime is one of the best fleas control techniques to avoid sand fleas biting.

And, if you are going to the beach in the morning or evening, then, there is also a fleas control tip to avoid sand fleas bites that is you should keep walking, by doing this you will be able to avoid their bites. It is recommended  homemade remedies to prevent pests.

Sand flea bites treatment

For treating the sand flea bites, follow the below tips:

  • Use anti-itch creams
  • Aloe Vera gel will also help
  • A colloidal oatmeal bath will also give some relief.


So, these are some of the preventive fleas control tips to prevent or treat sand flea bites.